Quotes from Recent Residencies

“Rebecca Wilt's residencies are spectacular. Whether coaching pianists, vocalists or instrumentalists, she is relentlessly passionate and able to teach important concepts learned from her diverse musical background and incomparable experience as a collaborative pianist and musical guide. Her engaging, challenging and affable approach released our students from their inhibitions, allowing them to experience significant moments of creativity and personal expression. Thank you Rebecca!”

Wiff Rudd

Professor of Trumpet/Brass Coordinator

Baylor University School of Music

Rhythm & Brass

"I can't say enough about Rebecca's truly incredible work!  Not only is she a dynamic pianist, but her passion for excellence, accompanied by her knowledge of style and repertoire, has inspired my students to be better.  Her energy is motivating, she cares for the students, and she has had a profound effect on my studio.  The best testament to her work is that my students and I are always excited for her to come back!"

Ryan Gardner

Assistant Professor of Trumpet

Oklahoma State University

“Having Rebecca Wilt in for a residency last fall was a treat for my trumpet students, and all the music majors at Kennesaw State University. Her distinctive approach to coaching solo and chamber music left our students full of creative fuel that helped to energize their practice and inspire their performances.  After the coaching sessions, all my trumpeters were raving about her, and I am already working very hard to arrange next year’s residency!”

Douglas Lindsey

Artist-in-Residence, Trumpet 

Kennesaw State University

“I try to have Rebecca Wilt come work with my students twice a year. It isn’t often that students have the opportunity to work with one of the best piano collaborators in the business. Her teaching style is based on the fundamentals of music, but she also enables the student to be free and expressive. Her knowledge of the repertoire is extensive, and she encourages the student to put their own “stamp” on the music they are working on. All of them walk out of the coaching with more knowledge, but more importantly, they walk out with more confidence, and a better understanding of the MAGIC that is collaborative performing.”


Kay Fairchild

Director, Atlanta Trumpet Ensemble

Emory University - Artist Affiliate, Applied Trumpet and Brass Instructor

“Rebecca Wilt's residency at MSU Denver was an amazing experience for everyone involved.  Her expertise across all disciplines of music allowed each musician the opportunity to increase their awareness, musicality, and even technical ability, which exponentially increased their level of performance.  I eagerly anticipate the next opportunity to duplicate this experience.”

Michael Hengst

Assistant Professor of Trumpet and Athletic Bands

Metropolitan State University of Denver